Basic Internet Marketing Tips

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13 Basic Internet Marketing Tips

1) One of the best ways to start is by becoming an affiliate. This means that you sell other peoples products and you get a share of the money. If you are selling digital products such as ebooks or other downloadable things you can get a very good commission of up to

75%, although around 50% is more common. A good place to find these is at Clickbank for digital products and Commission Junction for everyday products.

2) When you have signed up don’t forget to always use you affiliate link when selling products otherwise the vendor will not know who to pay and this could cost you a great deal of money.

3) You can sell affiliate products by advertising with Google Adwords. You just start an account with them and tell them how much you can afford to spend and they will show your ad so that people can click through and buy the product. You do need to read up on Google Adwords though, as if you do it wrong and do not target your audience properly it can cost you a great deal of money and you may not make any sales.

4) If you are good at writing or programming then one of the best ways to make money is by making your own product. At first it is probably best to try a subject that you know something about and try to find a problem that you could offer a solution to. That way you know your audience and that they have a problem that you have solved. If you make your own product then you can get your own affiliates through Clickbank. That way if you offer them a good product and a generous commission with a good sakes letter, then you should find affiliates to sell your product for you.

5) Whether you sell your own product or are selling as an affiliate, you need to start a website. This gives you a base to sell from and if you sell goods products then it is likely that people will come back and buy from you again.

6) Start a newsletter or ezine from your site so that you can build up a loyal readership. Then you can send a message to them every few days or weekly and they may buy things from you. Be sure not to just sell to them, but provide good information that is related to the product so that they keep on reading.

7) Provide a contact form on your site so that people can sign up to your newsletter and take out a subscription to a good auto responder like Aweber or Get Response. These are automatic mailing systems that will take subscribers and deliver your ezine for you.

8) Unless it is a straight sales site that you are getting traffic to with Adwords, then you will need to get some content. This will help you to get traffic from the search engines. Your site should not be too broad, try to keep it focused on one niche so that you will rank better and have less competition.

9) If you do do not want to sell products then you could make money by advertising with Google Adsense. This means that you sign up for and account and put a piece of code on your site and Google will show ads on it and you will get paid when someone clicks on them.

10) You need to submit your website to the main search engines and try to get other sites to link to yours, so that the search engines will send you traffic. Having links from other sites means that the search engines think that your site is a bit more important and you can also get traffic straight from the links.

11) You can write articles on your chosen subject, whether it is for a product or for an Adense site and submit it to article directories. They will then let other ezine and web site owners use it and it will include a link to your site so that you will get more traffic and links.

12) Always make sure that your web site offers real help and good quality content and you will get more people coming backe and this will make it a lot easier to get a good income whether it is from Ad sense or from selling a product.

13) Even if you are successful with one product or site and are making good money from it, it is important to diversify. Any online product can lose popularity very quickly and the search engines, for no reason, can drop Adsense sites so it is good to have more than one income to rely on.

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